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gw-health-front-small3.jpgI hate it when I hear “that’s the way it is” or “that’s the only option”. These were the quotes being spouted by doctors to Amy Butler. Amy had brought her 8 year old daughter in for a consultation. The doctors had diagnosed her daughter Cassandra with JRA (Juvenile Rhuematoid Arthritis). Little Cassandra was experiencing a locked hip and finding it difficult to walk. Doctors recommended Methotrexate the drug was being used to treat JRA but had a list of potentially harmful side effects. Ms. Butler sought another way. She had always thought that she fed Cassandra well…fruits,veggies,milk etc. However she found that many of these foods were pesticide-laden,non-organic, and playing havoc on Cassandra’s immune system. Amy introduced a variety of Alternative methods to treat and heal her daughter’s JRA…with great success! The doctors thought this a fluke and woldn’t or couldn’t explain the child’s rapid recovery. This is a compelling story and Amy wrote about her findings. The creators of the new book “101 Ways to improve your Health” included this remarkable story. Anyone who has an open mind to alternative modalities and supplementation should get this book…its definitely worth the look. The book is available at www.greenlifesaver.net

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