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I wish I could leap like this! However there would be a strong chance I would land on our dog Angel, roll out the door and land face first in the recycling bin. Our trip to D.C. gave us a chance to reunite with longtime childhood friend, Tony Powell. He introduced us to his lovely wife, Kellie and thier wonderful kids! What a prosperous and loving family. Kellie told a little about her passion for dance.

This gal has got dance in her blood. Kellie first entered the dance studio at the age of three. Through her many years of training, she studied ballet (both Vaganova & Cecchetti methods), pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, & modern with her grandmother, a former Rockette. This training was supplemented and enhanced by her work at The Duke Ellington School for the arts and several professional dance companies. She was founding member and ballet mistress of Tony Powell/Music & Movement* , and Adrain Bolton Dance Company. With these very successful dance companies Kellie graced many area stages including such venues as The Kennedy Center, Dance Place, Publick Playhouse, and New York’s City Center.


Kellie also told us about her dance company”Fusion”…. She and her business partner Candra Preshong saw an opportunity to not only create dance scholarships for under privileged kids in the D.C. area but to work with schools and other non-profit organizations to support performing arts programs, parent teachers associations, and offer the services of our professional dance company to organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Did you know that kids who participate in dance are less likely to be overweight? Dance also teaches coordination and rhythm, while instilling discipline, increasing strength and improving posture. Kids also learn how to participate in a structured environment, follow directions, and have respect for themselves and others.

For adults, and especially seniors, dancing provides an opportunity for socializing and building relationships, as well as reducing stress and boosting their immune systems. And for kids and adults of any age – its just plain fun!

If you’d like to donate to this worthy organization –http://fusiondancecompany.org/Support3.html

* Tony, what’s a ballet mistress?

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This past weekend I was blessed to see family and friends I haven’t seen in ages. The Phoenix based part of the Wood Clan flew into Washington D.C. to visit the matriarch of the family…my sister Sonia. I don’t know about you but when family arrives at my sister’s home there is only one thing , two things to do. First, visit “Ledo’s” pizza in Adelphi, Md (if you haven’t tried this pizza GO NOW! http://www.ledopizza.com) . Second, have a cookout ….Translation: cook meat. A lot of meat. Every kind of meat. Hamburgers,hot dogs,chicken,pork chops,beef ribs, and keilbasa. I think there was a fruit salad around to keep everyone’s colon from going into spasms! Dessert was Amy’s incredible cheesecake…a decades old recipe handed down from her Nana and a closely guarded secret.

The combination of good food,family, and drink created a warm, loving atmosphere of old stories and bladder-bulging laughter… ( evidently there are photos of our family friend Tony being hogtied by the girls when he was very young and forced to put on dresses and make-up for my sister’s sick enjoyment.) 90 degree weather, cheesecake, and Corona is like truth serum for my sisters. No amount of passing time could take away Deenie’s memory of having to drink pickle juice everyday after school, because Sonia told her younger sister “it was the only way to learn how to whistle.”

Can you feel the love? I sure did. For eight hours I didn’t worry about sessions,bills, or anything that required my brain engaging the “future”. Next weekend is another visit to the D.C. suburbs. Crab feast at cousin Cheryl’s…now that will something to blog about!

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A few weeks ago during a major trance meditation I got a message from a group of enlightened beings named the “Wilson”. Actually I’m lying, a lot. I was passed out on my couch watching the History Channel with a half eaten tunafish sandwich laying on my chest. The phone was ringing and I looked at the caller ID and it was a Utah number. Now I’ve gotten calls from all over the world but very seldom from Utah. I figured it was someone inquiring about having a session. I almost didn’t pick it up, but one can only watch “Ice Road Truckers” for so long. I decided to take the call. It was from intuitive medium, Amy Berry. She was asking me pointers on how to get her business up and running. I brushed the crumbs off my shirt, got into my serious business mode, and said “of course”.

The reason I am writing about this is that for whatever reason, Amy sought me out and I found that to be a very big compliment. When one intuitive seeks out another, I find it to be quite the blessing. Through the conversation, I found out many things about her. Her style of reading, her incredible sense of humor, and her no nonsense approach to mediumship and psychic work. We spoke twice and each phone call was a great way for me to tap in to my own wants and desires for my business and a way for me to assist her. I dont know how much help I really was but I know it was very helpful for me. Her website http://www.aim2inspire.net has great information on her psychic work and sessions. I highly recommend her kind and practical matter. No crazy talk about spiritual elves communicating that you don’t have to pay your rent this week. Amy, if you ever read this, I want to thank you for those phone calls. It reminded me that at times we all have to reach out with our intuition and take a chance on either meeting or calling someone “out of the blue”. I know your intent will take you far! I would suggest to anyone reading this to one day take the chance, write that letter, make that phone call, introduce yourself to the stranger, and see how beneficial it can be. Thank you Amy and good luck!

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