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The second debate is over. Obama still has a lead. Some swing states are up for grabs. The economy has become the number one issue in this country. Followed by healthcare. The only way to steer people away from those topics is to serve some good ol’ fashioned fear.

I guess all the stops are coming out. The flood of political “hearsay” will be deep. There was a time when I had admiration for Senator McCain, most of it before this election. I’ve seen you reach across the partisan  aisle and try to involve both sides. You were good at that. 

Then you chose Sarah Palin to be your running mate. I think you didn’t really want her, but you thought she would be the right choice for votes. That choice is coming to haunt you. I believe that’s when you switched your tactics to fear. 

Fear, I believe is lack of focus. It is a distraction. When Obama’s staff started to focus on words like “hope” and “change” there was a new energy injected into the 2008 election. A positive energy and something to emulate.

Using Obama’s middle name “Hussein” doesn’t frighten me. The fact that he’s multi-racial doesn’t bother me. I’m not looking to be frightened . I am looking to be convinced. Senator McCain if you have healthcare reform that will allow a diabetic or someone with a prexisting condition to get affordable healthcare, I’m all ears. When your focus is on alternative fuel solutions and walking away from Mideast Oil. Please tell me.

But when the going gets tough and all I hear from your camp is that somehow  Ayers was in cahoots with Obama doing god knows what , it sounds negative and desperate.

Stop telling me what Obama can’t do. Tell me what you’re going to do. Show me how deregulation is going to help the economy…most of us think that’s how we got in this mess to begin with. Obama’s message that we should be examples of promoting change is a good one. That message is a positive one. I’m a moderate that wants to see what’s right with our country. Our people. It’s the reason I no longer watch FOX NEWS. I will be watching next week… convince me.

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