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Senator McCain if anything, is not a quitter. He may be down in the polls, but he’s not out. He has embraced his underdog image and now is trying to get the average joe out there to empathize with his cause. (Sorry Sarah Palin but “Joe Sixpack” is a little demeaning to me). Of course there is a poll discussing the “underdog” issue.

What say you? C’mon take the Poll….here is the link-


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My job has introduced me to many fascinating people. People with vision. Folks who truly want to bring forth change. Theresa Gartland is one of them. I met Theresa a few years ago at my office with a few of her friends. She had a warm, even angelic sweetness to her. I asked her what she was doing in her life. She responded ” I work as a teacher in L.A.”. I thought Santa Monica or something similar. “Where?” I asked. “Compton”. I looked at Theresa, she seemed to have more in common with suburbia than the inner city. I asked her why. She replied “I want to help”…straight and to the point. Her dream is to help others achieve their dreams.

Guiding Youth Toward a Hopeful Future

Theresa is now part of Urban Compass.

Urban Compass was formed in partnership with Verbum Dei High School and 112th Street Elementary School to combat poverty and violence and make a difference in the lives of children in Watts. Together they capture children
at a very volatile age and offer an alternative model for them: an environment that challenges our young people
to envision a rewarding future.

Urban Compass operates after school and summer programs at Verbum Dei High School to serve
students from 112th Street Elementary School and Sage Child Care Center. They provide tutoring
support, enrichment activities and field trips to keep the children engaged in a positive learning
experience – and off the streets.

Very important stuff. Giving kids the chance to enhance their lives in an environment that supports them.

In July, Urban Compass held a four-week summer camp for 15 students.
Participants and family members went on field trips each day; including
excursions to the Los Angeles Zoo, California Science Center, Hollywood
Bowl, and Cabrillo Aquarium.
The summer camp culminated at Mater Dei High
School, where Urban Compass participants spent a week with Mater Dei
students participating in academic, artistic, and athletic activities. This
program will be expanded next year to engage additional kids from Watts in
programs that keep them out of trouble through the summer months.

I am very supportive of this organization and the good they do. Volunteer opportunities are available for groups and individuals. In order to provide a stable presence in our participants’ lives, they ask that all volunteers commit to at least a semester of service (usually five months). Actual volunteer duties will be assigned in conjunction with interests and expertise. Ongoing training is provided. Background checks are required to work with children. For more information, please contact Urban Compass at (323) 383-7588.

Please feel free to donate online http://partners.guidestar.org/controller/searchResults.gs?action_donateReport=1&partner=networkforgood&ein=20-2438382

Thanks Theresa, for telling me about this wonderful non-profit. Keep up the good work!

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The second debate is over. Obama still has a lead. Some swing states are up for grabs. The economy has become the number one issue in this country. Followed by healthcare. The only way to steer people away from those topics is to serve some good ol’ fashioned fear.

I guess all the stops are coming out. The flood of political “hearsay” will be deep. There was a time when I had admiration for Senator McCain, most of it before this election. I’ve seen you reach across the partisan  aisle and try to involve both sides. You were good at that. 

Then you chose Sarah Palin to be your running mate. I think you didn’t really want her, but you thought she would be the right choice for votes. That choice is coming to haunt you. I believe that’s when you switched your tactics to fear. 

Fear, I believe is lack of focus. It is a distraction. When Obama’s staff started to focus on words like “hope” and “change” there was a new energy injected into the 2008 election. A positive energy and something to emulate.

Using Obama’s middle name “Hussein” doesn’t frighten me. The fact that he’s multi-racial doesn’t bother me. I’m not looking to be frightened . I am looking to be convinced. Senator McCain if you have healthcare reform that will allow a diabetic or someone with a prexisting condition to get affordable healthcare, I’m all ears. When your focus is on alternative fuel solutions and walking away from Mideast Oil. Please tell me.

But when the going gets tough and all I hear from your camp is that somehow  Ayers was in cahoots with Obama doing god knows what , it sounds negative and desperate.

Stop telling me what Obama can’t do. Tell me what you’re going to do. Show me how deregulation is going to help the economy…most of us think that’s how we got in this mess to begin with. Obama’s message that we should be examples of promoting change is a good one. That message is a positive one. I’m a moderate that wants to see what’s right with our country. Our people. It’s the reason I no longer watch FOX NEWS. I will be watching next week… convince me.

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MSNBC wants to know who won Presidential Debate 2? Was this the “Gamechanger” for McCain? Will this improve Obama’s rankings even more? You decide. Vote and feel free to say how you feel!

HERE’S THE LINK: http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2008/10/07/1966529-who-won-the-presidential-debate

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Well Presidential Debate number two has come! What do you think? Who seems more Presidential? Who is ready to lead? You decide… take the poll! Leave comments…tell the world WHO IS MORE PRESIDENTIAL?



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Time for another poll. What do you think should be the number one issue discussed in Presidential Debate 2? The economy,Iraq, Afghanistan, abortion, and terrorism is high on evryone’s agenda. This poll is quick and easy. Feel free to comment on these issues and give the world your view!

Here’s the link: http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2008/10/07/1962982-what-is-the-top-issue-that-needs-to-be-addressed-by-the-presidential-candidates-in-their-second-debate

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 Most of us have been concerned about the economy and/or the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This new poll focuses on which of you are swayed by the candidates stances on guns. Take the poll, leave a comment and tell us how this topic will sway or not sway your vote! Here’s the link:  http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2008/10/06/1958542-will-you-vote-for-a-presidential-candidate-based-on-his-stance-on-guns

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 Most of us have been concerned about the economy and/or the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. This new poll focuses on which of you are swayed by the candidates stances on guns. Take the poll, leave a comment and tell us how this topic will sway or not sway your vote! Here’s the link:  http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2008/10/06/1958542-will-you-vote-for-a-presidential-candidate-based-on-his-stance-on-guns

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Man, this blog is turning in to poll central! MSNBC now has a poll on who you believe will do better with Thursday’s debate. Doesn’t matter whether you’re from Russia or Alaska you can just click on the link and vote…there is also room for quick comments.

here’s the link!


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