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Here we are
With our dreams in the sky
We all have our dreams
It’s wonderful to know we’re alive
At the end
It’s over
There you are
At the end of the show

Mem’ries are real
It’s wonderful to know you’re alive
At the end

“End of the Show” – Dennis Wilson

Del Mar, CA, March 4, 2009 – The scientific study of mediums (individuals who experience regular communication with the deceased) is over a century old. While serious research into the phenomenon has not been part of mainstream science, Dr. Julie Beischel, Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute in Tucson is pressing forward.


Her presentation at 7 pm on March 20th at the Scottish Rite Event Center in San Diego is titled Spirit in the Laboratory: What Science Can Tell Us about the Afterlife. The presentation will focus on how mediumship is investigated in a controlled laboratory setting, what conclusions can be drawn from the data collected to date, the practical applications of mediumship in grief recovery and hospice care, how mediumship can affect the lives of those who have lost a loved one, and how to choose a medium and get the most out of a reading. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.windbridge.org/sandiego.htm

Dr. Beischel received her doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology with a minor in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Arizona. She was the first recipient of the William James Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mediumship and Survival Research at the University of Arizona where she co-directed the VERITAS Research Program with Dr. Gary E. Schwartz.

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