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congressWould health insurance companies have to compete if there was a public insurance option? Would it keep private companies honest? Does competition equal socialism?  Is public and private options the best way? Will all the great doctors of the US  move to some remote island? Will Congress actually fix this broken system called “health care”? Read on…

Get this: If Congress passes Obama’s plan and Americans are given the choice of a public health insurance option similar to Medicare, we could all save up to 30% on our health care premiums.1 That’s a huge savings, and we’d still get high-quality coverage and be able to choose our doctors.

And even if you choose to keep your current insurance, you’d save anyway. You see, HMOs and big insurance companies are the only game in town right now—so they overcharge us to boost profits and pay out CEO bonuses. If Obama’s plan passes, they’d have to compete with it, and their prices would have to be more honest.

Lower premiums for us means lower profits for them, so insurance companies are putting extreme pressure on Congress to drop the public health insurance option. But Americans deserve to have this choice—and it’s necessary to help rein in out-of-control health care costs.

Imagine how different things would be if we all had quality health care that costs up to 30% less than what we’re paying now. Would you use the money toward college for a child? A safe retirement? Or maybe you’ll finally be able to afford the treatment or medicines you need.

Can you click the link below to tell Congress how Obama’s public health insurance option would change your life? We’ll send all the answers to Congress, as part of our campaign to make sure we get real health care reform this year.


The simple truth is that having the choice of a public health insurance option would make all of our lives better. Here’s why:

  • Health care costs are spiraling out of control. From 2000 to 2008, health insurance premiums increased five times faster than wages.2
  • A public health insurance option would provide an affordable, quality alternative. Two new studies show that Americans could save 25% or more off of a traditional private plan.3 The New York Times says this would “keep the private plans honest.”4 They’ll have to lower rates and offer better value to compete.
  • Plus, a public health insurance option would be reliable coverage for all. Private insurers are notorious for dumping people with little notice.5 A public option would allow consumers who’ve been dropped—or just don’t like their current coverage—to switch to a steady public choice. 
  • Thankfully, the public health insurance option is gaining steam in Congress. The 77-member Progressive Caucus recently endorsed the policy.6 And the chairmen of five critical congressional committees came out in support.7

    Now we need to get the rest of Washington on board. Can you help by telling Congress how the choice would help you?



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