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snddh_cv2Triple Spiritual Experience with Three Psychic Mediums

Barb Powell, Shelia Powell & Joseph LoBrutto

Psychic Medium Barb Powell (from Canada) and her special guests Medium, Joseph LoBrutto

and Psychic Empath Shelia Powell (both from Florida) for this very special “Triple Spiritual Experience”!

barbstandinginredCanadian Psychic Medium Barb Powell, nicknamed the “Sixth Charm”, is sought out

for her skills in Paranormal Investigations as well as psychic/medium readings. A

popular psychic who has been in the fore front of the media for the past 5 years. You

may have heard her on Darkness Radio with David Shrader, Sirius Radio’s Living

Successfully or her interview on The Kevin Smith Show. Barb was the only one in the

history of The Kevin Smith Show that pulled in so many listeners and tipped audience

ratings. Her media experience includes appearances on Gary Garver’s “Almost Life”

& What’s Hot Radio, burbank, Ca. www.barbpowell.com

Shelia Powell is an international intuitive medium, with a client base spanning several countries15_img

including the U.S., Canada, China and Africa. She has done many seminars and workshops

in the US and Canada. Shelia was recently featured on The Travel Channels “Ghost

Adventures”, The Riddle House. She was the first psychic that they have ever used!

Her website can be found at www.sheliapowell.com

joe lobruttoInternationally Renowned Psychic Medium Joseph LoBrutto III is a loving channel

connecting you with your loved ones on the other side; his gift helps to bridge the gap

between earth and the spiritual plane of existence. He is an extraordinary Psychic and

Medium. As a gifted psychic, he works with people to help them gain a deeper understanding

of their life events, and also gives practical advice for their lives. As a physical medium he will

sometimes take on the personality of the deceased person by mimicking mannerisms you may

remember from when they were alive. As a channel, Joseph is able to communicate with The

Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels and Spiritual Beings.

One of Joseph’s greatest accomplishments as an author is to publish one of the

most enlightening books available in the New Age market; “Is There More To

Life… Than What We Know?~A Spiritual Journey and Awakening in Finding

God.” www.psychicmediumjoseph.com

* Attending this event does not guarantee a reading from either Barb Powell, Shelia Powell or Joseph LoBrutto.!

Please be open to the

process and experience when attending! The audience members who are meant to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit,

will. Because this is a public demonstration, no recording devices or camcorders permitted for privacy reasons.


Refreshments will be served after the event, where you’ll have the opportunity to

meet and chat with the mediums!

This intimate gallery setting is a wonderful way to experience the process of psychic

mediumship through possibly your own reading or through the readings of others*. Barb,

Shelia & Joseph will conduct a mini talk on their work, and will then relay messages to those

members of the audience they are pulled to.

Monday, October 26, 2009 at 6:00 PM (ET)

Our Journey of Life 301 Yamato Rd Suite 1240 33431

Single Admission ($45) – Sale !Ticket Purchased Before Oct 18, 2009 $45.00 Fees $1.12
Single Ticket ($60) After Oct 18th 2009 $60.00 Fee $1.50

Toll Free 1-866-313-8415

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