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coreyMany of you have heard me mention Corey Dissin. I try to surround my world with fun, innovative and motivated people. Fitness Motivator Corey Dissin is high on my list of people who help me challenge myself. he has taught me many things most importantly-

“That training the body is important- but if you neglect the spirit you will ultimately fail”

The guy’s got soul…

Train With Corey Owner and Head Fitness Motivator Corey Dissin is proud to announce both he and assistant trainer Pascal Shin, are now the first two MMACA Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coaches in Pennsylvania and are among the first ten fitness trainers to complete this particular certification IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

The Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association (MMACA) is the MMA certification division of NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association), an international fitness association established in 1992 which holds the prestigious NCCA national accreditation for its Personal Fitness Trainer Certification.

The MMACA was developed to bridge the gap between sports conditioning science, Mixed Martial Arts training methods, and direct application for competitive fighting. As part of the MMACA certification process, Corey and Pascal spent over 70 hours of study and completed testing in exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology and conditioning program design (all as it pertains to MMA). The course also covered Olympic weightlifting techniques, powerlifting techniques, bodyweight exercises, kettlebell training and other modalities specific to MMA. Corey and Pascal now have the ability to integrate effective and proven sport-specific conditioning drills for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, wrestling, Judo, and others into training routines currently held at the Train With Corey private fitness studio in Parkeford at Longstreth Center.mma

We’re proud to have Corey as one of our initial graduates. We wish him continued success as he puts the MMACA curriculum into action,” says Dr. John Spencer Ellis, CEO of MMACA. “It is our mission to further legitimize the sport of mixed martial arts, develop high performance athletes, reduce MMA training injuries, and to share and teach the MMA training principles to the general fitness enthusiast.”

“Mixed Martial Arts is hot right now,” says Dissin, “Just look at how the UFC is exploding and how brands like Tapout and Affliction are becoming more and more mainstream. The MMA Conditioning Coach credential now allows us to confidently train our clients like a professional MMA fighter without the risks associated with actual MMA competitions. We’re looking forward to sharing what we learned with our current and future clients.”

14For additional information, contact Corey or visit Train With Corey’s facility. For more information about the MMACA, visit http://www.mmaca.net.

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I guess you all know it’s been a long, long time
Since the days of turnin’ water to wine
Things ain’t easy, but they always improve
When you go and get your poor old body to move

“He Couldn’t Get His Poor Ol’ Body to Move”- Brian Wilson

Many people say they love to network. Many folks would love to exchange ideas. So it was great to really meet someone who is a prime example of both.

I recently did a seminar with Corey and Dr Fetterman of  Creative Chiropractic Solutions. Afterwords, myself , Corey and the rest of the Creative Chiro staff got together for a brainstorming lunch. I wish I could do this every week!

When talking to Corey I was amazed at his dedication and intent. His willingness to share these qualities with others was impressive. His ability to motivate others transcends his fitness practice. He truly believes “if there is a will there is a way”.

Oh, by the way…He is a kick-ass Fitness Motivator. I use the word Motivator because only a motivator can bring you to the abyss of change and show you how to fly. n1570263714_133721_6049

Corey’s service, TRAIN WITH COREY provides full service personal training for a wide variety of clients. From brides toning up for a wedding, to those who play high school and amateur sports, to older adults trying to stay fit.Whether you want to focus on weightlifting, weight loss, strength training, cardio, core development, or sports-specific training this staff  has the knowledge, resources and commitment to help you reach your goals.

He is a little sneaky. He has a secret weapon.

Corey finds what motivates you. Your success is what motivates him.

Thanks Corey, it was great meeting you and I can’t wait to see where your intention takes you!


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