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“One by one the stars appear
The light of the day is no longer here                                                                                                                                                    One by one the stars disappear
The sky grows brighter every minute of the sunrise”

– “Wake the World”The Beach Boys

I got an interesting phone call from Ireland talking about this seminar in Philadelphia…sounds fascinating. I thought I would pass it along.-RW

Healing on the Spiritual Path – The Key to Tomorrow’s Health
Medical doctors present healings that are
medically verifiable.
You are invited to attend this FREE lecture. I am a physician in Germany and my colleagues and I do this work out of gratitude for the help and healing we have experienced. Healing of severe chronic illnesses and even so called “incurable” conditions will be presented. During the lecture you have the opportunity to experience the healing power for yourself. You can utilize this power for your own health and for those you love.
International Medical Scientific Group organizes the lectures
I am a member and the director of the international Medical Scientific Group, which is a part of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. We have about 6000 medical professionals worldwide and we give these lectures in our leisure time. Many of these lectures are held at universities, even medical universities.
There is no incurable.
The basis of the lectures is the teaching of Bruno Groening, who lived in Germany from 1906-1959. In his lifetime, extraordinary healings occurred during his lectures, which gave him worldwide recognition. He spoke of a power that comes from God which can be easily absorbed by everyone. This divine power was referred to by Bruno Groening as the “healing stream” or the Heilstrom.

An extensive documentary film “The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning – On the Tracks of the Miracle Healer” about the life and work of Bruno Gröning will be shown in several American cities beginning in October 2010 through Spring, 2011. It has been translated into thirty languages and shown successfully worldwide. A German film team created this extensive film production for cinemas over a span of nine years. Thousands of actors, all extras, and most people involved in the production worked in their free time and without any payment. Using contemporary witnesses, original pictures and audio tapes as well as film scenes, the documentary allows a deep insight into the life and work of the most important healer of the last century. The film is shown on a donation basis.
Exact dates and a trailer for the film can be found in the internet under http://www.bruno-groening.org/english/film/defaultfilm.htm.
Please inform your friends and loved ones about this special event.
Yours sincerely,
G. Blättner, M.D.

More information:
Detailed information about the lectures:

Saturday, October 16, 2010, 7:00 pm
Perelman Quadrangle, University of Pennsylvania, Room Arch Crest, 3417 Spruce St.
PA 19104 Philadelphia
Saturday, October 16, 2010, 2:00 pm
Brandywine One Hundred Library 1300 Foulk Rd., DE 19803 Wilmington
Sunday, October 17, 2010, 3:00 pm
Temple University Harrisburg, Room 246/248, 234 Strawberry Square, 4th&Walnut Streets, PA 17101 Harrisburg
Speaker: Mr. Arends MD (GER)

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 Another morning at Dr. Andy’s. Our offices are next to each others and many an hour we spend talking, drinking cheap vodka   juiced vegetables, and eating Hostess Ding Dongs embedded with Skittles organic bran muffins. During one of these “brainstorming” sessions I started to complain about feeling sick. My head felt like someone had used it for a cutting board and my stomach felt like vinegar and cottage cheese. Dr.Andy looked at me and said, “You know getting sick can be healthy for you”! I said ” drinking the fluid out of your ink jets can make you bald”. I didn’t think a Chiropractor could move so fast! When I awoke he said “hey, I’m being serious, I gave a lecture about this a few weeks ago.”  Andy is great at what he does, education. This is an excerpt from that discussion.


Most people don’t realize that most of the chronic diseases we have today actually result from what we do on a daily basis.  They are driven by how we eat, the American lifestyles we lead and our current medical practices.

In our society acute illness (colds, fevers, etc.) is viewed as a bad thing.  It is almost seen as the precursor to something catastrophic:  “If I get a cold, I might get worse.”    Our society has gone into a perpetual state of fear.  Making matters worse we are no longer taking responsibility for our health, we simply shift the blame for it to the Doctor.

Let’s discuss what actually happens when you get sick.  The body encounters an invader, like a flu bug, that activates the immune system.  The body then releases White Blood Cells (WBCs) that target the invaders, engulf them and then create natural antibodies that kill them.  Simultaneously, the WBCs creates a copy of the invader that memorizes its properties.  These allow for the body’s immune system to recognize the invader the next time the body encounters it and respond to the threat faster; lessening the amount of time your body feels sick or rundown.

In the body, there are “dis-ease” processes going on at all times.  The term dis-ease is used stating there are varying degrees of sickness and wellness going on simultaneously.  Your immune system is constantly fighting off invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and other forms of infections hence the varying degrees of sickness and wellness one feels. However, we don’t always express symptoms of infection such as a runny nose or cough.  Symptoms can occur when the system is overloaded for too long and the body starts to break down.  To use an analogy of your body as an automobile, you are driving your car and you rev the engine too high for too long, so you will eventually wear down the gaskets, burn up your oil, and warp the metal of the engine.   This all leads to eventually blowing the engine.  As we go about our lives and our daily business we don’t eat properly, we don’t sleep enough or correctly, we ingest too many chemicals via drugs, other cleaners and cosmetics, we don’t exercise, and we are over stressed most of the time.  By doing this, eventually our bodies break down and get sick.  Unfortunately, in our society we usually suppress all forms of coughs, colds, and fever that the body would use naturally for its defense and we get sick anyway.

In short, as we overload our bodies, our ability to resist sickness is reduced.  This leads us to a natural process that occurs with many infections and injuries called inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or irritation that leads to symptoms of redness, pain, heat, swelling, and loss of function.  It is the body’s attempt to remove harmful stimuli and heal.  Inflammation is not always seen but is developing all the time. Inflammation is produced in the various systems of the body–nervous, endocrine, and digestive to name a few.  The body does not always express inflammation the same way it comes into the body.  Some examples of this clinically are:
Airway- Mucous buildup, Cough, Runny Noses, Sinus Issues
Intestines- Diarrhea, Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Bloating
Skin- Rash, Acne, Hives
Nervous -Irritability, Listless, “Leave Me Alone” attitude

As was mentioned earlier, we overload our systems constantly.  When this happens, our ability to resist sickness decreases, our sensitivity increases, and inflammation occurs.  In contrast, if we start removing these stressors, our resilience increases as well as a decrease in occurrences of inflammation.

How do we remove the stressors?  We start off by no longer overloading the system chemically, physically, and emotionally.  Chemically, start by changing your diet with limiting simple sugars, portion control, and quality of foods.  Physically, you simply need to exercise.  Move around more during the day and use ergonomics at your workplace. Emotionally, learn to de-stress.  Learn how to recognize stressors as well as how to avoid and cope with them.



The basic theme is to develop a balance which ultimately will limit the amount of inflammation development.  By slowing down, eating right, reducing stress and getting some exercise, one can decrease one’s susceptibility to getting sick either via a cold, runny nose, fever, or inflammation.  When every system (nervous, digestive, muscular, endocrine, etc.)  is balanced, you feel better and reach an optimal level of performance.  When your body works at this level, you feel better and you will have a positive impact on those around you.  Remember, your health affects everything you do and everyone you know

Once again thanks Dr. Andy for your insight…learn more about Dr.Andy at http://creativechiropracticsolutions.com

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The Obama camp spouts ” West Virginia is full of racists“.

Clinton’s group says “the media and pundits are being sexist!

Regardless of which side you support ,there is definitely something in the air and it stinks of negativity. Focus I believe is everything.

Mr. Obama if you want change, focus on the positivity of change. Racism is such a negative energy. Mrs.Clinton if you want to change the direction of this country, focus on the people who want to enhance that direction. Sexism is such a negative energy.

We as humans have a tendency to focus on what we ‘don’t want’, instead of what we ‘do want’. For example, “I hate my job, I hate my car,” instead of getting a new job or focusing on getting a new car.

I have to give Mr. Obama some kudos, in the last few days – the Obama campaign has been acting as if they have already won the Democratic nomination. Now whether you agree with that statement or not, Mr Obama is focusing on what he wants instead of what he doesn’t want.

It is such a waste of time to waste energy on why something is bad. It’s kind of like standing on the Titanic and saying ‘I’m not getting off this boat until I find out why!’ My fanny would have been doing the back stroke the minute that boat started to tilt 45 degrees.

The psychic energy of unity and peace is contagious. If we ‘speak’ of unity and peace, we will attract more unity and peace. But, if we complain about not having unity and peace, we will attract more divisiveness and shame.

There may be some out there who may look at Mrs. Clinton as a woman and feel as though she lacks the ability to lead this country due to her gender. My advice to her is to ignore those people and find a way to change the direction of this country whether she gets nominated or not. She will attract others that wish to do the same.

It is time for the Democratic party to focus on what they do want instead of what they don’t want or Mr. McCain may show how strong his intent really is.

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I have always been a fan of The Beach Boys, especially Brian Wilson. One of the first albums I ever purchased was the Capitol Reissue Endless Summer. From that time on, I became addicted. My collection became vast. I thought I’d collected all things Beach Boys.

When I turned 18, I was hanging out with some friends in good ‘ol Hyattsville, Maryland when a friend said, “You like the Beach Boys don’t you?” And I said, “Of course I do!” And she said, “My older brother left this album, I wondered if you want it?” I said, “I probably already have it, but what is it?” She said, “It’s called Pet Sounds.” I took the record home and my understanding of what I thought the Beach Boys were completely changed!

It went from cars, girls, and surf to introspection, loss, and love regained.

Through the years, I’ve made a gift of the album to many of my friends. Even the ones who love the Beatles! And the response has always been the same, “WoW! This is incredible!

Today I was playing around on YouTube and found this intriguing video by Andy Pliskin and I believe this is an incredible job explaining the argument that the Beach Boys should get a lot more respect. Enjoy!

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bio-ego.jpgStole this hook,line and sinker from the why blog…. It is a great way at looking at how we react to life’s circumstances. (Thanks Amy for an eye opening post!)

Because I’m dense when it comes to the non-physical. Examples and tools are what help me put the intangible into a perspective that can be used on a daily basis. And once again, Eckhart Tolle was full of great examples in the online class with Oprah for the Chapter Four of “A New Earth,” titled “Role-Playing: The Many Faces of the Ego.”

This is the first week that I did not try to log onto the Monday night class at www.Oprah.com, because I was tired. Last week I watched it on Monday night and found myself unable to go to sleep until after midnight. Tuesday morning at 6 am came too early (I’m one of those must have 8 hours of sleep kind). So thinking that watching it Tuesday at noon would allow me to absorb more won out. Well, I’m less tired today but I did miss that Christmas morning excitement I felt when logging on at night for the live event.

Either way, I’m so glad to have watched it. Each week brings more insight into how the ego impedes happiness and what to do about it. There were so many examples or faces of the ego covered but here is what was talked about that really affected me.

Eckhart said – Power is within. If you are not present you don’t know this. So you will try to get if from others.

This seemed to sum up to me why I was always wanting. Wanting stuff. Wanting more. Wanting something from someone. We are always searching for that power outside ourselves which can only be found inside and therefore we are never satisfied.

Eckhart told a story of what this Zen master said about an athlete. “That His Need to Win Drains his Power.”

Anybody who has played sports knows this is the case. When you aren’t thinking and you are completely focused on that moment, you do well. When you think too much, or psych yourself out, you don’t do well.

Eckhart went onto say that you should focus on the small steps each day and find joy in them, (you know where you ultimately want to end up) otherwise once you get it you won’t be worth it because you didn’t enjoy getting there.

Many people called in with questions and Oprah did a great job of asking the laymen questions for us! Like how do you stay in that present state of consciousness (that many have and can achieve while meditating or sitting quietly) while your child is screaming or your boss is yelling at you?

Again he had wonderful examples – the one that struck me the most was when he said – practice being transparent. Instead of being a wall when these assaults hit you, allow them to flow through you.

I loved his statement that – True freedom is when your inner state is no longer dependent on external conditions. He told one caller that her daughter’s screaming was not the problem – it was her reaction. This hit home (as a mother). I never looked at it like the problem was mine not my daughter’s. Another wow moment!

Continuing with being a mother. They talked about not being identified with the LABEL of MOTHER. That we should fulfill our functions; looking after, guiding, etc. But not becoming completely identified so that the function doesn’t become a role.

I got 2 things from this line of thought:

1-By losing our whole self in the role of Mother, it will take away from my being present in other situations and relationships – friend, wife, daughter, aunt etc.

2- Eckhart talked about identifying with the role, a mother will stay in that function with their children even when they are grown. This is why some Mothers still feel the need to tell their grown children what to do and treat them as though they were still small. Ultimately, this will impede my enjoying all of the stages of my daughter’s life.

Oprah went on to clarify that parenting changes as the child grows. I’m seeing this as my daughter approaches 12 yrs old. We now have issues that we didn’t when she was younger. Something I need to work on. Which Eckhart said something along the lines of it starts with me. All my relationships can change depending on my “BEING” and my reactions.

It was truly the most example filled and take-home-tools-for-every-day-life filled class yet!

The class ended with Oprah asking Eckhart how he could some up this chapter and he said – Balancing the human & the being. Functioning while rooted in being. Having constant peace in the background.

Aaahhh, I look forward to that – but I will try to find joy in the steps getting there!

I look forward to next week!

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      Heather Nelson coming to Pennsylvania!


Heather Nelson, RMT, will be in the Doylestown and West Chester areas giving Reiki sessions from February 7th to 11th, 2008. Heather also will be teaching Reiki I in Berwyn, PA, on February 9th, 2008.


Reiki I: An Introduction to Reiki. Learn the history of Reiki, what it is, and how to use it! This level teaches hands-on healing of the physical body, as well as the basic hand positions. You will receive a Reiki I attunement during this class, and will have hands-on practice with your classmates. At the end of class, you will receive a Reiki I certificate. $100 for class, + $15 for class workbook; $50 deposit.
Saturday, February 9, 2008, 9 am – 4 pm

If there is sufficient interest, Heather might teach a small Reiki II class, as well.

To sign up for a class or schedule a Reiki session,
email Heather at heather@heatherreiki.com, or call her at 480-282-7116.
Do it soon! Several spaces have already been filled.

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