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It’s football season. Tailgate parties, 10 cent wings and two dollar drafts on Monday nights, and 18 weeks of Sundays glued to the TV with one hand on the remote, and the other hand jockeying your favorite snack chip between guacamole and queso dip.

What better time and what better sport to help illustrate what you have to do to win the battle of the bulge. Imagine you are an offensive coordinator for your favorite team. To score points and beat your opponent, are you simply going to run the ball up the middle every play? Too many “offensive coordinators” treat their workouts this way and wonder why they are not scoring enough “touchdowns.” The same 20 minute jog on the treadmill along with 10, 8, and 6 reps of the bench press is not going to produce many game winning drives.

n1570263714_133720_5851The team at Train With Corey firmly believes that the waistline war is best won as a war of attrition. . .with a relentless onslaught of a variety of exercises, angles, speeds, equipment, and rep ranges where every minute of the sessions are maximized. By keeping the workouts fresh each session with different exercises and techniques (everything from pilates, to boxing, to medicine ball throws plus everything in between), the muscles are isolated and confused to prevent stagnation and plateaus. So now the “runs up the middle” are accentuated with “quick slants”, “naked bootlegs,” and “deep bombs,” (sticking with the analogy) in a “hurry up offense” which results in calorie-crushing winning workouts. Let the post-game celebrations begin!6532_1146545475061_1570263714_389495_6887982_n

So what’s your choice? An invigorating strength and cardio challenge that changes workout to workout…

hipster_beer_belly_gutOR the ever consistent “European Elbow Raise” ?

Exclusive on-the-field access with The Train With Corey staff is available in the offices of Creative Chiropractic Solutions on the 3rd floor at the Regus Westlakes (the lucky folks there can even train in the AM or lunch). Stop in today or go to trainwithcorey.com for more information.

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