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In Hawaii there’s a place known as Waimea Bay220jan-berry-2
Where the best surfers in the world come to stay
And ride the wild surf they come to try
To conquer those waves some 30 feet high

Ride ride ride the wild surf
Ride ride ride the wild surf
Ride ride ride the wild surf
Gotta take that one last ride

Surf fever brings them here to meet the test
And hanging round the beach you’ll see the best
They’re waxed up and ready just waiting for
The surf to build up on the northern shore

“Ride the Wild Surf” -Jan and Dean

This is something I’ve always wanted to see. A Jan and Dean CD box set. Evidently there are many other fans who want the same.

There is an online petition to have the powers that be to produce such a gem. Read on…

To:  EMI / Capitol

This is a petition calling for a Box Set CD Release for Jan & Dean.

From late 1950s R&B, to Surf music, and the Psychedelic era, Jan & Dean produced 26 chart singles between 1958 and 1966. Sixteen of these were national Top 40 hits on the Billboard and Cash Box charts, seven of which reached the national Top 10. Four of Jan & Dean’s albums also made the national Top 40 during that period. jan-dean2

In April 1966, Jan Berry was critically injured in an automobile accident, resulting in brain damage and partial paralysis. From 1966 onward, Jan & Dean made new music separately, and occasionally together. They hit the road again in the late 1970s, during Jan Berry’s high-profile fight to overcome the effects of traumatic brain injury. This story was told on national television in the highly rated film “Deadman’s Curve” (1978), which paved the way for “Phase II” of Jan & Dean’s road career. They toured consistently throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and into the new millennium. Following Jan Berry’s untimely death in March 2004, Dean continues to honor the music with live concert appearances.

Jan Berry has now been dead for more than three years, and it is long past time for Jan & Dean to be honored with a comprehensive Box Set CD Release. There are many options for such a package, including the superior original mono mixes, and well as various outtakes and backing tracks. There is enough of a fan base and market to warrant such a package.

As a songwriter and singer, Jan Berry had his first Top 10 hit in 1958, before Phil Spector. As an arranger and producer (signed first to Nevins-Kirshner and then to Screen Gems), Jan Berry worked with Hollywood’s elite studio musicians long before Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson did the same.

EMI now holds Jan & Dean’s Screen Gems catalog, encompassing their most famous hits and album cuts.

Artists who achieved less success than Jan & Dean during their careers have been given the Box Set treatment. It’s now time for Jan & Dean to have their own comprehensive Box Set career retrospective. This would be a popular released for EMI, or it could be farmed out to another label, such as Shout Factory.

Please click on the link to sign online


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