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The Obama camp spouts ” West Virginia is full of racists“.

Clinton’s group says “the media and pundits are being sexist!

Regardless of which side you support ,there is definitely something in the air and it stinks of negativity. Focus I believe is everything.

Mr. Obama if you want change, focus on the positivity of change. Racism is such a negative energy. Mrs.Clinton if you want to change the direction of this country, focus on the people who want to enhance that direction. Sexism is such a negative energy.

We as humans have a tendency to focus on what we ‘don’t want’, instead of what we ‘do want’. For example, “I hate my job, I hate my car,” instead of getting a new job or focusing on getting a new car.

I have to give Mr. Obama some kudos, in the last few days – the Obama campaign has been acting as if they have already won the Democratic nomination. Now whether you agree with that statement or not, Mr Obama is focusing on what he wants instead of what he doesn’t want.

It is such a waste of time to waste energy on why something is bad. It’s kind of like standing on the Titanic and saying ‘I’m not getting off this boat until I find out why!’ My fanny would have been doing the back stroke the minute that boat started to tilt 45 degrees.

The psychic energy of unity and peace is contagious. If we ‘speak’ of unity and peace, we will attract more unity and peace. But, if we complain about not having unity and peace, we will attract more divisiveness and shame.

There may be some out there who may look at Mrs. Clinton as a woman and feel as though she lacks the ability to lead this country due to her gender. My advice to her is to ignore those people and find a way to change the direction of this country whether she gets nominated or not. She will attract others that wish to do the same.

It is time for the Democratic party to focus on what they do want instead of what they don’t want or Mr. McCain may show how strong his intent really is.

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obamahillarywinmcnamee.jpgThis post is not about the facts. Not at all. Most of us know of intuition…our “gut feeling”. That nudge that parents get when little Mary Lou says she “going to the mall”, when in actuality she’s smoking weed and drinking gin with the Marnelli twins next door! Same thing goes for political candidates …most Americans talk about their feeling about the candidate i.e. “he/she looks dishonest”. Many average voters are swayed by their “gut feelings” and I agree that using intuition should at least be part of the decision making process (now don’t get all Hannity & Colmes on me…I know facts are very important!).

Take Hillary vs Obama. Many folks that I talk too seem to think Mrs. Clinton may be a bit cold ,even angry. Others think that Mr.Obama may be a bit inexperienced but is a man of conviction. Regardless of what I believe this seems to be the “buzz” I’m getting. I have the blessing of being able to speak to folks from all over the country and most of them tell me this is how they feel.

This ain’t science folks,I know that. Its a pretty safe prediction to say that voter turnout for this election will be HUGE! My intuition says that more young people will vote in this election than ever before; forever altering the way politics are done in this country. Finally the status quo may actually change. My intuition is telling me that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will attract a lot of new voter registration and I am grateful for that. I believe the energy of these two candidates will force Democrats and Republicans to understand that most of us are more moderate than they first thought..that are beliefs are more a blend of both parties mantras, that some will vote outside suggested party parameters. Like I have said..this is just my observation. I could be dead wrong. But I just thought I would put this out there…by the way I plan to post something similar around Republican candidates.

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