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This past weekend I was blessed to see family and friends I haven’t seen in ages. The Phoenix based part of the Wood Clan flew into Washington D.C. to visit the matriarch of the family…my sister Sonia. I don’t know about you but when family arrives at my sister’s home there is only one thing , two things to do. First, visit “Ledo’s” pizza in Adelphi, Md (if you haven’t tried this pizza GO NOW! http://www.ledopizza.com) . Second, have a cookout ….Translation: cook meat. A lot of meat. Every kind of meat. Hamburgers,hot dogs,chicken,pork chops,beef ribs, and keilbasa. I think there was a fruit salad around to keep everyone’s colon from going into spasms! Dessert was Amy’s incredible cheesecake…a decades old recipe handed down from her Nana and a closely guarded secret.

The combination of good food,family, and drink created a warm, loving atmosphere of old stories and bladder-bulging laughter… ( evidently there are photos of our family friend Tony being hogtied by the girls when he was very young and forced to put on dresses and make-up for my sister’s sick enjoyment.) 90 degree weather, cheesecake, and Corona is like truth serum for my sisters. No amount of passing time could take away Deenie’s memory of having to drink pickle juice everyday after school, because Sonia told her younger sister “it was the only way to learn how to whistle.”

Can you feel the love? I sure did. For eight hours I didn’t worry about sessions,bills, or anything that required my brain engaging the “future”. Next weekend is another visit to the D.C. suburbs. Crab feast at cousin Cheryl’s…now that will something to blog about!

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It was one of those days. The offices were dead and Dr.Andy and I were watching the paint dry and wondering why IN TEENAGE AND BABY JESUS’ NAME IS IT SO FREAKIN’ SLOW! We tried blaming the economy,we tried blaming the weather, we cursed both John McCain and Mother Theresa! When we realized that Mother Theresa was dead and Senator McCain was really,really old – we knew we had slipped into the nasty galaxy called “negativity”. We put down our breakfast of Hostess Ding Dongs and vodka,prayed to both Saint Theresa and Saint McCain, got into an “attitude of gratitude” and started typing…

Positive Thoughts……Do you think the glass is half full or half empty? Is the world out to get you or do you view every issue as a way to learn and grow from your experiences? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of looking at the silver lining of that cloud?

The purpose of this post is to make you think about how you think. Most of us go through the day on autopilot and do not know what we are really thinking and how it is affecting us physically. When you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals that will go to your cells and elicit a response that can alter the actual physiology which in turn can be either harmful or helpful. When you get angry or have a negative thought, it alters the overall physiology of you. This could become a stress response, result in depression, and various health problems. There have been recent studies that show that about 80% or more of all ailments and diseases are stress related.

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you release chemical messengers into the bloodstream that signals the cells to go into a state of growth and repair. The body is in a state of de-stress so to speak.

If you are out there and you are a happy-go-lucky, roll off your back kind of guy or gal, then great! If not, how are we going to change this? I suggest a few options:

  • Find an outlet, this could be exercising, meditation, yoga, counseling, finding a hobby, anything to provide a way to channel any negative thoughts into positive energy
  • Be more conscious of your surroundings, learn what triggers you to have negative thoughts- is it a co-worker? spouse? sibling? job?
  • Be positive! Don’t let things get to you. Try to cut off the negativity before it starts. Try to look at things from a different perspective or angle. You are already taking the wrong look at things, why not the 180 degree angle from that?
  • Hostess Ding Dongs,Scrapple and Mountain Dew… just wanted make sure you were paying attention! No one should use these three items in combination without the supervision of a licensed practioner.

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So everybody, grab
Your baggies and bikinis
Cause it’s only just begun
We’re gonna have a ball
Until the fall now
Cause summer means fun –Bruce and Terry

The cover of the New York magazine June 28th,2008. Johnny and Barry just chillin’ at the beach! Sorry, Obama Girl those aren’t Barack’s abs. (But those might be John’s).

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I think sometimes I take myself too seriously. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do. Mediumship can be exhausting. Trying to get others to understand that is also very draining. Other times I get a big kick out of the usual question, “what do you do for a living?”. The long pause of silence after hearing ” Well, I talk to dead people” can be quite refreshing. This quick skit from Hugh Laurie’s earlier days on BBC remind me that keeping a sense of humor about my job makes it so much easier!

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I think sometimes I take myself too seriously. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do. Mediumship can be exhausting. Trying to get others to understand that is also very draining. Other times I get a big kick out of the usual question, “what do you do for a living?”. The long pause of silence after hearing ” Well, I talk to dead people” can be quite refreshing. This quick skit from Hugh Laurie’s earlier days on BBC remind me that keeping a sense of humor about my job makes it so much easier!

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meditate-3 Psychic work involves picking up people’s “vibes” bad or good. When Brian Wilson wrote the song “Good Vibrations” he mentioned in a interview that many animals can pick up vibrations from humans…

Our dog”Angel” had dove into the trash for a little terrier garbage feast…she definitely picked up my vibe! She smelled like wet lettuce and old Doritos.

It reminds me of when I do a mediumship or psychic session with an angry or depressed spirit or client. Their gunk can get all over me.If I am not careful this negative energy can stick around for days. Like many mediums and energy workers I do try and protect myself thru prayer and light meditations. This helps but some of the basics still apply .

Water,water,water! I find that drinking good ol’ H2O really helps clear the body and rejuvenate it…try adding lemon to room temperature water drink at least 10 glasses daily. Remember that much water intake requires minerals so take em’ (I use Ultimate Minerals from http://www.greenlifesaver.net ). I also use Chandrika soap an ayurvedic soap that cleanses the spirit as well as the body (wash with the intent of cleaning the chakras top of the head on down ). Also avoid sugar! Sugar at times has been my crack of choice and like crack.. I end up like Chris Rock in the movie “New Jack City”. High amounts of sucrose,high fructose corn syrup, and brown sugar can really build yeast in your system and totally gunk your intution receptors .

Now I am going to say something that might piss of a lot of people! When you’re not feeling grounded after doing loads of energy work a glass of red wine and a steak really helps  reconnect with the body ( also eat organic meat and try an organic wine some are wonderful!)  From time to time I’ll add other pieces of info from other energy workers and place them on the blog …hope this was helpful ..if not at least maybe a chuckle.

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brideandrea_thumbnail1.jpg I just love Arizona! The people. The sun. The drive thru at Jack in the Box. Especially the East Valley area of Phoenix, with its wonderful shopping and restaurants (I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania-Perkins is considered fine dining!). When ever possible I visit the area to do my usual sessions in Tempe and visit Angus and Hendrix (my sister and brother in law’s wise canine companions) . There is something very spiritual about lying underneath a lemon tree and occasionally licking your private parts.

On a visit to Chandler,AZ my sister showed me a building being renovated downtown…there wasn’t much but concrete and a lot of dust. She told me with a sparkle in her eye that this would be an event locale like no other. A place for unique weddings,social gatherings, charity events and an art gallery that would help light up the “new” downtown Chandler! I told her that the Jack in the Box on the corner had already taken care of that. After a swift smack to the head my sis reiterated “it will be an event locale like no other” AND the business will give back in many charitable ways.

That was many months ago. After many long days of planning, meetings, and the usual complications …..INSPIRADOR IS NOW OPEN!!

This was definitely worth the wait. The building has certainly become an incredible, vibrant addition to downtown Chandler. Also huge kudos to Amy Marvin who has been by my sister’s side throughout this project (thanks for always having Deenie’s back). Also to my brother in law Scott (he rocks, literally) for supporting and putting up with the Wood family. Cousin Indra and Serena thanks for always helping my sister thru this wild ride (answering phones,organizing and taking care of pookie jr ). Alright enough sap…please visit http://www.inspirador.com to see the wonderful pics of this dream come true!

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This man is angry. Damn angry. Why? Isn’t it obvious?

To the best of my knowledge, Iran has very few, if any Jack-in-the-Box locations.  After years of sampling this addictive cuisine my palate has never been the same. I couldn’t imagine not having quick access to a  breakfast jack or  beef taco.  I believe if the friendly folks at the United Nations would drive Ahmji (I think it’s a good nickname his name is too long to type) to a local Jack-in-the-Box this could be the end result…a happy, clear headed politician with a full tummy. AND J-in-the B would make his breakfast jack w/out ham!

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Working on the “otherside” has made my waistline spread like rumors of Fred Thompson running for President – quick. I didn’t realize that most of the “crossing over” I was doing was at Jack in the Box. Why? Imagine your front door being wide open …every nasty bug,critter, and salesman will walk right in creating havoc.  The solution would be getting screens,locks, and a pitbull named “killer”. I wasn’t putting any barriers in place. I was becoming weaker and unhealthy! The only rejuvenation I was doing was reheating Breakfast Jacks in the microwave. I learned that physical health was the very necessary screen door needed to keep bad energies out. The otherside is not just heaven…it is filled with many different dimensions- some like Rodeo Drive and others more like the Bronx at 3 a.m..dark and hostile.Like being in the Bronx in the wee hours you could get mugged.  So to keep from getting my ass kicked I’ve worked out more and improved my diet. The results? More prosperity and increased energy (psychic work can be draining!) Prayer and meditation have assisted in creating better intuition and balance (one piece of pizza, not the whole box). It was becoming evident that by overeating and being slothful I was trying insulate myself from the rigors of this work.

 P.S. ever wondered why John Edward’s first season of “Crossing Over” he looked bloated and tired? Not any more! (Now don’t ask me why the same doesn’t apply to Sylvia Browne.) 

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