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lens2054263_1229291097democrat-vs-republicanWho is telling the truth? Who is to blame for all of this financial corruption and insanity? Was it Bush?. Is it a Democratic Congress that spends itself right into a corner. Should I listen to the words that fall from Rush Limbaugh lips as if it were  music or should I slam my foot into my car radio. Everything seems so slanted I feel like I’m walking at a 45 degree angle.dem_vs_gop-lg

I’d like to know you feel. Comment as you wish. Newsvine has a great poll.

Here’s the link http://joulesbeef.newsvine.com/_news/2009/03/18/2562687-is-the-gop-the-party-of-bold-face-liars

The title asks if the GOP is a party of boldface liars. But it’s starting to look  like there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides.

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Well Presidential Debate number two has come! What do you think? Who seems more Presidential? Who is ready to lead? You decide… take the poll! Leave comments…tell the world WHO IS MORE PRESIDENTIAL?



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