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‎”The road to abundance is a happy one. If you’re not laughing pull the hell over…” -RW

Many years ago I was sitting in the back of a Greyhound bus on my way to Richmond, Virginia, to visit a friend.  At that point in my life, I was jobless as well as careless and felt that I’d pretty much lost everything.  All I had at that point was a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  While reading the book I started to realize my thoughts were negative, needy and unfocused.  Most days they were, “Why isn’t this happening for me” or “I don’t have enough” and “Why does everybody else have more?”  My driver’s license said Rick, but it should have said VICTIM. It was everybody else’s fault.  It was my location.  It was my girlfriend.  It was my job.  It was my boss.  It was my cat (I’m so glad I got rid of that cat).  Reading the book helped me to see that my thoughts were the foundation of my life.  If my life sucked it was because I fundamentally believed it did.  If I said to myself, “I’m never going to find the right person,” that’s exactly what would happen.  Why am I always so bored?

The next day my car broke down.  I thought I was acknowledging reality, but it never occurred to me that I was creating that reality.  Slowly I started to turn my thoughts to ones of aspiration, abundance and joy.  As corny as this may sound I had to learn that happiness is the soil of any abundance garden and that I had to be happy before I could grow abundance, prosperity and joy. Not to mention it put me in a much better  mood.  Another lesson I had to learn was to allow others in my life to be as unhappy and nasty as they needed to be.  I didn’t have to participate with that bad behavior.  That didn’t mean I woke up in a good mood all of the time or that I didn’t ever get angry at myself.  But I committed to memory that in that moment maybe I needed to listen to a great song or watch a funny Youtube clip.  Whatever it would take to turn my attitude around is what I did.  Doing it on my own wasn’t going to work either. 

I decided to surround myself with people I wanted to emulate and that were happy with their lives.  Then I’d quite simply ask them how they did it.  People that are experiencing joy and abundance are usually very happy to share their story with you!  Many of them taught me to focus on how to do something instead of finding ways not to. My words had real power.  I have never forgotten that.   My old vocabulary consisted of words like can’t, don’t know and scared.  I have new words.  Will, show me the way and passion.

The true power of positive thinking has brought me to a place that, at one time, I thought I’d never get to.   G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E.  I am now grateful for it all – my mistakes, financial woes, and everything that brought me to this point.

From gratitude grows passion and with passion you can do ANYTHING!

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You know,you know you are
Be still and know you are
Your life is meant for joy
It’s all so deep within, oh

Your life is beautiful
A seed becomes a tree
A mountain into a sky
This life is meant to be, oh

“Be Still” – The Beach Boys

I don’t know about you, but when things aren’t going my way I try everything in my arsenal of self help; mantras, books, meditations, and affirmations. Usually they work, when they don’t I want to slam my forehead into my well used copy of the “The Secret.” It doesn’t occur to me that patience with myself is one of the most efficient paths to stress reduction that I know.

I am one of those people that believes that coming up with solutions is better than complaining and whining any time. My problem is that I don’t suffer well. I expect solutions to come instantaneously and the problem with that is I am really not listening.

God has a great way of answering questions, it is pretty simplistic. Yes, no, and wait. The last part is the toughest because it requires faith. Thinking positively is pretty useless without faith. My dog Angel has plenty of faith, she knows that when you say “treat” we’re going to give her a little snack. She doesn’t worry about what kind of snack or if it is a big enough snack. Me on the other hand, worries how many snacks, will I get enough snacks, and if they are organic. All that worrying has gotten me nowhere. My stepdaughter also has non-complicated tools for dealing with this type of stress, it is called play. Kids can find joy in staring at a bug, coloring a picture, or singing to themselves. In these moments Cassandra is the perfect picture of self-awareness and joy.

So for today, I think I will go have a snack and sing to myself ( I don’t care if the snack is organic).

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The second debate is over. Obama still has a lead. Some swing states are up for grabs. The economy has become the number one issue in this country. Followed by healthcare. The only way to steer people away from those topics is to serve some good ol’ fashioned fear.

I guess all the stops are coming out. The flood of political “hearsay” will be deep. There was a time when I had admiration for Senator McCain, most of it before this election. I’ve seen you reach across the partisan  aisle and try to involve both sides. You were good at that. 

Then you chose Sarah Palin to be your running mate. I think you didn’t really want her, but you thought she would be the right choice for votes. That choice is coming to haunt you. I believe that’s when you switched your tactics to fear. 

Fear, I believe is lack of focus. It is a distraction. When Obama’s staff started to focus on words like “hope” and “change” there was a new energy injected into the 2008 election. A positive energy and something to emulate.

Using Obama’s middle name “Hussein” doesn’t frighten me. The fact that he’s multi-racial doesn’t bother me. I’m not looking to be frightened . I am looking to be convinced. Senator McCain if you have healthcare reform that will allow a diabetic or someone with a prexisting condition to get affordable healthcare, I’m all ears. When your focus is on alternative fuel solutions and walking away from Mideast Oil. Please tell me.

But when the going gets tough and all I hear from your camp is that somehow  Ayers was in cahoots with Obama doing god knows what , it sounds negative and desperate.

Stop telling me what Obama can’t do. Tell me what you’re going to do. Show me how deregulation is going to help the economy…most of us think that’s how we got in this mess to begin with. Obama’s message that we should be examples of promoting change is a good one. That message is a positive one. I’m a moderate that wants to see what’s right with our country. Our people. It’s the reason I no longer watch FOX NEWS. I will be watching next week… convince me.

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 Another morning at Dr. Andy’s. Our offices are next to each others and many an hour we spend talking, drinking cheap vodka   juiced vegetables, and eating Hostess Ding Dongs embedded with Skittles organic bran muffins. During one of these “brainstorming” sessions I started to complain about feeling sick. My head felt like someone had used it for a cutting board and my stomach felt like vinegar and cottage cheese. Dr.Andy looked at me and said, “You know getting sick can be healthy for you”! I said ” drinking the fluid out of your ink jets can make you bald”. I didn’t think a Chiropractor could move so fast! When I awoke he said “hey, I’m being serious, I gave a lecture about this a few weeks ago.”  Andy is great at what he does, education. This is an excerpt from that discussion.


Most people don’t realize that most of the chronic diseases we have today actually result from what we do on a daily basis.  They are driven by how we eat, the American lifestyles we lead and our current medical practices.

In our society acute illness (colds, fevers, etc.) is viewed as a bad thing.  It is almost seen as the precursor to something catastrophic:  “If I get a cold, I might get worse.”    Our society has gone into a perpetual state of fear.  Making matters worse we are no longer taking responsibility for our health, we simply shift the blame for it to the Doctor.

Let’s discuss what actually happens when you get sick.  The body encounters an invader, like a flu bug, that activates the immune system.  The body then releases White Blood Cells (WBCs) that target the invaders, engulf them and then create natural antibodies that kill them.  Simultaneously, the WBCs creates a copy of the invader that memorizes its properties.  These allow for the body’s immune system to recognize the invader the next time the body encounters it and respond to the threat faster; lessening the amount of time your body feels sick or rundown.

In the body, there are “dis-ease” processes going on at all times.  The term dis-ease is used stating there are varying degrees of sickness and wellness going on simultaneously.  Your immune system is constantly fighting off invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and other forms of infections hence the varying degrees of sickness and wellness one feels. However, we don’t always express symptoms of infection such as a runny nose or cough.  Symptoms can occur when the system is overloaded for too long and the body starts to break down.  To use an analogy of your body as an automobile, you are driving your car and you rev the engine too high for too long, so you will eventually wear down the gaskets, burn up your oil, and warp the metal of the engine.   This all leads to eventually blowing the engine.  As we go about our lives and our daily business we don’t eat properly, we don’t sleep enough or correctly, we ingest too many chemicals via drugs, other cleaners and cosmetics, we don’t exercise, and we are over stressed most of the time.  By doing this, eventually our bodies break down and get sick.  Unfortunately, in our society we usually suppress all forms of coughs, colds, and fever that the body would use naturally for its defense and we get sick anyway.

In short, as we overload our bodies, our ability to resist sickness is reduced.  This leads us to a natural process that occurs with many infections and injuries called inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or irritation that leads to symptoms of redness, pain, heat, swelling, and loss of function.  It is the body’s attempt to remove harmful stimuli and heal.  Inflammation is not always seen but is developing all the time. Inflammation is produced in the various systems of the body–nervous, endocrine, and digestive to name a few.  The body does not always express inflammation the same way it comes into the body.  Some examples of this clinically are:
Airway- Mucous buildup, Cough, Runny Noses, Sinus Issues
Intestines- Diarrhea, Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Bloating
Skin- Rash, Acne, Hives
Nervous -Irritability, Listless, “Leave Me Alone” attitude

As was mentioned earlier, we overload our systems constantly.  When this happens, our ability to resist sickness decreases, our sensitivity increases, and inflammation occurs.  In contrast, if we start removing these stressors, our resilience increases as well as a decrease in occurrences of inflammation.

How do we remove the stressors?  We start off by no longer overloading the system chemically, physically, and emotionally.  Chemically, start by changing your diet with limiting simple sugars, portion control, and quality of foods.  Physically, you simply need to exercise.  Move around more during the day and use ergonomics at your workplace. Emotionally, learn to de-stress.  Learn how to recognize stressors as well as how to avoid and cope with them.



The basic theme is to develop a balance which ultimately will limit the amount of inflammation development.  By slowing down, eating right, reducing stress and getting some exercise, one can decrease one’s susceptibility to getting sick either via a cold, runny nose, fever, or inflammation.  When every system (nervous, digestive, muscular, endocrine, etc.)  is balanced, you feel better and reach an optimal level of performance.  When your body works at this level, you feel better and you will have a positive impact on those around you.  Remember, your health affects everything you do and everyone you know

Once again thanks Dr. Andy for your insight…learn more about Dr.Andy at http://creativechiropracticsolutions.com

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Sunday, back in D.C. and hanging out with a lot of old friends and loving it!

It seemed that I was surrounded by a sea of loving, gifted, and creative energy. People living by example and not opininon. Especially my old childhood friend Tony Powell. Tony’s energy was positive, almost contagious! He eagerly wanted to sop up every aspect of positivity around him, and convert it into “life excitement”.

This is definitely a man who made a clear decision to embrace family and friends, using them as a pool of wisdom AND knowledge.

He’s even been dubbed “a 21st Century Renaissance Man” by the Washington Post.  Powell is a choreographer, composer, painter, sculptor, photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, and writer.

He is a 1995 graduate of the Juilliard School and directed his own dance company, Tony Powell/Music & Movement, for 10 years. This native Washingtonian has won numerous awards from the Maryland State Arts Council for his choreography, and his 4th String Quartet received the first ever Metro DC Dance Award for Original Music.

He has written three scores for the Internationally-renowned Parsons Dance Company, and he has created over 100 ballets for companies including The Joffrey Ballet, The Washington Ballet, The Maryland Youth Ballet, Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, The Manassas Dance Company, and Odyssey Dance Theater.

His largest commissioned piece, Contredanse, for 18 dancers of Odyssey Dance Theatre, premiered in March 2007. “Impulse,” his most recent work for Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago was selected to illustrate the cover of the August 2007 issue of Dance Magazine. He currently has commissions to create works for Philadanco, the Ailey School , and Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company in Denver, Colorado.

Support for the creation of his work has come from The Cafritz Foundation, The Washington Post Company, The Meyer Foundation, Verizon, Philip Morris, The Mead Family Foundation, Allesee Family Foundation, The Dreyfus Foundation, and The Philip L. Graham Fund, among others. He has taught ballet and modern dance techniques at The Washington School of Ballet, The Academy of the Maryland Youth Ballet, Towson University, Harrisburg Dance Conservatory, Manassas School of Dance, Joy of Motion, Feet First, The Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and Jones Haywood School of Ballet. Also Tony has a new blog http://wwww.tonypowell.wordpress.com its a work in progress.. and it may already be up and running as I type this.

Once again Tony, good luck on all your ventures! It has been a pleasure and most of all….FUN!

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It was one of those days. The offices were dead and Dr.Andy and I were watching the paint dry and wondering why IN TEENAGE AND BABY JESUS’ NAME IS IT SO FREAKIN’ SLOW! We tried blaming the economy,we tried blaming the weather, we cursed both John McCain and Mother Theresa! When we realized that Mother Theresa was dead and Senator McCain was really,really old – we knew we had slipped into the nasty galaxy called “negativity”. We put down our breakfast of Hostess Ding Dongs and vodka,prayed to both Saint Theresa and Saint McCain, got into an “attitude of gratitude” and started typing…

Positive Thoughts……Do you think the glass is half full or half empty? Is the world out to get you or do you view every issue as a way to learn and grow from your experiences? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop instead of looking at the silver lining of that cloud?

The purpose of this post is to make you think about how you think. Most of us go through the day on autopilot and do not know what we are really thinking and how it is affecting us physically. When you have a thought, your brain releases chemicals that will go to your cells and elicit a response that can alter the actual physiology which in turn can be either harmful or helpful. When you get angry or have a negative thought, it alters the overall physiology of you. This could become a stress response, result in depression, and various health problems. There have been recent studies that show that about 80% or more of all ailments and diseases are stress related.

When you are in a positive frame of mind, you release chemical messengers into the bloodstream that signals the cells to go into a state of growth and repair. The body is in a state of de-stress so to speak.

If you are out there and you are a happy-go-lucky, roll off your back kind of guy or gal, then great! If not, how are we going to change this? I suggest a few options:

  • Find an outlet, this could be exercising, meditation, yoga, counseling, finding a hobby, anything to provide a way to channel any negative thoughts into positive energy
  • Be more conscious of your surroundings, learn what triggers you to have negative thoughts- is it a co-worker? spouse? sibling? job?
  • Be positive! Don’t let things get to you. Try to cut off the negativity before it starts. Try to look at things from a different perspective or angle. You are already taking the wrong look at things, why not the 180 degree angle from that?
  • Hostess Ding Dongs,Scrapple and Mountain Dew… just wanted make sure you were paying attention! No one should use these three items in combination without the supervision of a licensed practioner.

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