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rickyouth1.gifWell, it looks like I’m heading back to the good old Phoenix area again.  This time, I will be offering past life regressions to my clients, and my usual sessions and coachings. It was always my intent to be in Arizona every month, and it looks like that’s whats going to happen. Careful what you pray for.

 I’m also doing a private event in Queens Creek on March 8th. Can’t wait to meet Lisa and friends – should be a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to seeing the staff at Regus in Tempe, and I want to thank them for taking care of all of the incidentals during my travels.

This really isn’t much of a struggle  – I can leave the cold and wet of the east coast for the desert anytime. I still have some slots available for mediumship and regressions at the Tempe office, so those of you who read my blog and are interested, please give me a call, and of course, you can visit my website, which is http://www.rickywood.net.

And why did I write about Breakfast Jacks? Out east, all we have is freakin’ McDonalds or Burger King. It gets old. So, anytime I’m out in Arizona, I make sure I have at least 1 – 52 breakfast Jacks as my initiation to the desert (I didn’t think that getting fat was an initiation to ANYTHING.) 

I am so looking forward to visiting with everyone, family and friends. “Cheyenne – Uncle Ricky’s coming!”

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