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Southern Poverty Law Center is an amazing organization that once again is in the headlines for unfortunate reasons.
Their web site is extremely informative and certainly worth looking at even if you are not interested in donating to them.
They fight against all forms of prejudice and fight for the rights of everyone, especially the most vulnerable.
Truly worth checking out if you have never heard of them.

Oct. 29, 2008

Dear Friend,

Over the last few days, we’ve been swamped with requests for information about the two neo-Nazi skinheads who planned a murderous rampage ending with the assassination of Barack Obama. We’ve been consulted by law enforcement because of our expertise.

We reported on our website that one of the skinheads involved was affiliated with a newly formed organization called the Supreme White Alliance (SWA).

The SWA is headed by a man named Steven Edwards, who is steeped in a violent culture of racial extremism. We’ve been following his activities for some time. You can find out more about Edwards in a report by ABC’s Nightline that aired last night.

The skinheads’ plot to kill Obama and murder other African Americans is a chilling reminder of the threat posed by these domestic terrorists.

Unfortunately, I fear we’re entering a dangerous period. Obama’s candidacy has aroused fierce passions among white supremacists. And during times of economic hardship, minorities are often targeted as scapegoats for our country’s problems.

We cannot afford to take threats like this lightly. With your help, we’re doing everything we can to track and expose violent racists — and we’ll continue providing the best intelligence available to law enforcement.

Thanks for being on our team. With your moral and financial support, we’ll continue this important fight against the forces of hate and intolerance.

Morris Dees photo Sincerely,
Morris Dees
Morris Dees

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