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People have you heard of the world plangod2_1031a1
To know the inner nature of every man
Jesus came down to save the world from sin
Sayin’ “Seek ye first the kingdom within”
Maharishi teaches us to meditate
To dive deep within come out and radiate
All of the saints through all creation
Sing the same song of revelation

Means avoid the suffering before it comes
Krishna said a long time ago
To “Let the arrow fly first without the bow”
Guru Dev’s wisdom is just the thing…
To save mankind from all this suffering
Maharishi gives a lift to every man’s bible
Bringin’ us the
news of the new revival

“He Come Down” – The Beach Boys

What does God want?  That I believe is a fair question. What does God need?  How can omnipotent, timeless, and all knowing deity need anythingDoes this source require worship? 

There are those who would say read the Bible. Yet the Bible has messages of  fear and angst that tend to work against a loving concept of God

“No one who has been emasculated by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the Lord” – Deuteronomy 23:1 . Gosh, if you have your testicles blown off  by a landmine “NO SOUP FOR YOU“.

Does universal wisdom come with it an appetite for war and destruction?

There is not a township but We shall destroy it ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment. That is set forth in the Book (of Our decrees). – Qur’an Surah 17:58

Its just a thought, but why would God need to wreck such havoc in the world. Is fear of retribution the only way we’ll listen? Don’t get me wrong, I think contact with God is important. My God is so loving and is the only being I know that won’t judge me and takes me warts and all. This Deity doesn’t require me to do anything  for him/her but will instead talk to me if i’ll just listen. These words are filled with loving wisdom and hope. My God doesn’t say ostracize all who are unlike you, so I may round them up and smite them.

I think its time for all religions to sit together and rethink why we are all here. Tolerance is a gift that God has given us to change our world. God is a source for growth. A source of communication.

If we have free will, why would a Supreme being interfere? I don’t think God requires anything. The source is all. Is everything.

Wait I  think God may require one thing. Asking. Thats what starts the “conversation” . Today converse with God. Become a prophet. A prophet who shows acceptance and random acts of kindness.  

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