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I will be working out of my Arizona office for a few days. I didn’t go during July and August…too damn hot ( I know it’s a dry heat but the surface of the sun is dry too).

September 10th -14th (short visit this time) I’ll be offering sessions to my Phoenix clients from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm at the Hayden Ferry office. I will also be doing a private event in Cave Creek on Saturday (thanks Nick and Lori!).

During this time I will be visiting my sweet nieces Cheyenne and Madison (these two could make projectile vomiting cute ). Mimi’s Restaurant in Chandler I’m sure is awaiting my presence (hint,hint Jared and Leslie) . If I’m lucky my brother in law will take me to Teakwoods. Teakwoods is a spiritual watering hole near Gilbert …I say “spiritual” because any place with peanuts on the floorhas to be spiritual!  Gotta go visit Deenie,Amy Indra and Ms.Tonya at Inspirador …Downtown Chandler is looking good! AM I GONNA BE ABLE TO FIT ALL THIS FUN STUFF IN? Damn I’m gonna try real hard. Maybe the best thing would be just to watch bad reality TV with Sarenna and the dogs (I should make those dogs watch Cesar on “The Dog Whisperer” …little canines on crack).

I told Amy and Cassandra that I wouldn’t go into  Jack in the Box.

That doesn’t mean I can’t use the drive-thru.

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