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I have always been a fan of The Beach Boys, especially Brian Wilson. One of the first albums I ever purchased was the Capitol Reissue Endless Summer. From that time on, I became addicted. My collection became vast. I thought I’d collected all things Beach Boys.

When I turned 18, I was hanging out with some friends in good ‘ol Hyattsville, Maryland when a friend said, “You like the Beach Boys don’t you?” And I said, “Of course I do!” And she said, “My older brother left this album, I wondered if you want it?” I said, “I probably already have it, but what is it?” She said, “It’s called Pet Sounds.” I took the record home and my understanding of what I thought the Beach Boys were completely changed!

It went from cars, girls, and surf to introspection, loss, and love regained.

Through the years, I’ve made a gift of the album to many of my friends. Even the ones who love the Beatles! And the response has always been the same, “WoW! This is incredible!

Today I was playing around on YouTube and found this intriguing video by Andy Pliskin and I believe this is an incredible job explaining the argument that the Beach Boys should get a lot more respect. Enjoy!

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