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brideandrea_thumbnail1.jpg I just love Arizona! The people. The sun. The drive thru at Jack in the Box. Especially the East Valley area of Phoenix, with its wonderful shopping and restaurants (I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania-Perkins is considered fine dining!). When ever possible I visit the area to do my usual sessions in Tempe and visit Angus and Hendrix (my sister and brother in law’s wise canine companions) . There is something very spiritual about lying underneath a lemon tree and occasionally licking your private parts.

On a visit to Chandler,AZ my sister showed me a building being renovated downtown…there wasn’t much but concrete and a lot of dust. She told me with a sparkle in her eye that this would be an event locale like no other. A place for unique weddings,social gatherings, charity events and an art gallery that would help light up the “new” downtown Chandler! I told her that the Jack in the Box on the corner had already taken care of that. After a swift smack to the head my sis reiterated “it will be an event locale like no other” AND the business will give back in many charitable ways.

That was many months ago. After many long days of planning, meetings, and the usual complications …..INSPIRADOR IS NOW OPEN!!

This was definitely worth the wait. The building has certainly become an incredible, vibrant addition to downtown Chandler. Also huge kudos to Amy Marvin who has been by my sister’s side throughout this project (thanks for always having Deenie’s back). Also to my brother in law Scott (he rocks, literally) for supporting and putting up with the Wood family. Cousin Indra and Serena thanks for always helping my sister thru this wild ride (answering phones,organizing and taking care of pookie jr ). Alright enough sap…please visit http://www.inspirador.com to see the wonderful pics of this dream come true!

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