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MSNBC wants to know who won Presidential Debate 2? Was this the “Gamechanger” for McCain? Will this improve Obama’s rankings even more? You decide. Vote and feel free to say how you feel!

HERE’S THE LINK: http://www.newsvine.com/_question/2008/10/07/1966529-who-won-the-presidential-debate

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Man, this blog is turning in to poll central! MSNBC now has a poll on who you believe will do better with Thursday’s debate. Doesn’t matter whether you’re from Russia or Alaska you can just click on the link and vote…there is also room for quick comments.

here’s the link!


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Im gonna wake you up early
Cause Im gonna take a ride with you
Were going down to the honda shop
Ill tell you what were gonna do
Put on a ragged sweatshirt
Ill take you anywhere you want me to

“Little Honda”-The Beach Boys

I’ve a great friend over at http:www.creativechiropracticsolutions.com he’s decided to buy a moped. You gotta understand, Dr.Andy seemed like a truckdriving ,Spotted Owl shooting kind of guy. You know, the person who thinks recycling is using the same plastic cup at the keg party. I was dead wrong. Andy went out and bought a moped! This man has great waysof looking at being green. His philosphy is a simple one …goin green = great benefits. Health,financial and otherwise. Read on…..

Those that know me personally know that I recently purchased a scooter to do my daily running around to work and errands. It gets about 100 MPG and gets up to 50 mph. Not to mention that it is pretty fun to “scoot” around in. As I was filling up the tank today for the first time since I picked it up at Philadelphia Scooters on Passayunk (shameless plug) I topped off the tank at $3.55 with 91 Octane Premium gas. That was an incredibly awesome feeling so, I felt inspired to share with you MY true meaning of “going green.”

In the public eye, most people think it is trading in that Hummer for a Prius and getting a Hybrid. It should be more than that. Mainstream media and Big Corporations have dictated to the American Public that the bottom dollar is KING. They look to produce a high quality product and for the least amount of money to increase the profit. Save a penny by adding a preservative to the food to give it a longer shelf life, switching from a metal part to a plastic mold to raise profits 10 cents a unit, or by using harmful chemicals that are foreign to the body that produce the same effect to save on cost.

To truly go green, one should look at more than what kind of car they drive and actually start and look at their household products. What harmful chemicals are you putting on the surfaces of your kitchen counters? Can you even pronounce what is in these bottles let alone know what it actually does? Next, look at the food you consume. How many ingredients are in that cereal or condiment that you are using? Can you pronounce them? Does it contain man made chemicals or natural ingredients? Now onto the closet. What are your clothes made out of? Polyester? Cotton? Stop and take a moment to think what else you use in the day that is not natural to you or your body.

The big thing now is alternative fuels. What are you doing to help cut down on the astronomical consumption of energy in its various forms such as gas, electricity, fresh water? The more you use, it increases demand which in turn, increases cost. By turning out the lights an hour earlier and maybe using candles or even just only using the lights in the rooms you are in. Can you carpool with some friends from work to reduce the need to use gas? Can you take mass transit? Can you actually buy a more fuel efficient car or motor vehicle? Can you walk a little more to work? Pack a lunch? Do you need to leave and run 3 different errands instead of bundling it all together to save on gas? Over time, those pennies and small dollar amounts can add up. It could pay for that vacation for the family you wanted to do but could not afford it because of your normal less than calculated spending habits.

I live by a few simple rules when it comes to being a green minded person

  • If there are too many ingredients in my food, cleaning products, personal care products, I don’t use it
  • If I can’t pronounce what is in it, I don’t use it
  • If I don’t know how something works in my body or in my daily activities, I don’t use it or ingest it
  • If it came from the earth, It usually is ok.
  • Balance is Key to anything in life. Moderation is the Key

So, when you go about your day to day this week, think how you can personally help your environment and those around you as well as how you can help your internal environment by going “Green!”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a healthy day!

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The Obama camp spouts ” West Virginia is full of racists“.

Clinton’s group says “the media and pundits are being sexist!

Regardless of which side you support ,there is definitely something in the air and it stinks of negativity. Focus I believe is everything.

Mr. Obama if you want change, focus on the positivity of change. Racism is such a negative energy. Mrs.Clinton if you want to change the direction of this country, focus on the people who want to enhance that direction. Sexism is such a negative energy.

We as humans have a tendency to focus on what we ‘don’t want’, instead of what we ‘do want’. For example, “I hate my job, I hate my car,” instead of getting a new job or focusing on getting a new car.

I have to give Mr. Obama some kudos, in the last few days – the Obama campaign has been acting as if they have already won the Democratic nomination. Now whether you agree with that statement or not, Mr Obama is focusing on what he wants instead of what he doesn’t want.

It is such a waste of time to waste energy on why something is bad. It’s kind of like standing on the Titanic and saying ‘I’m not getting off this boat until I find out why!’ My fanny would have been doing the back stroke the minute that boat started to tilt 45 degrees.

The psychic energy of unity and peace is contagious. If we ‘speak’ of unity and peace, we will attract more unity and peace. But, if we complain about not having unity and peace, we will attract more divisiveness and shame.

There may be some out there who may look at Mrs. Clinton as a woman and feel as though she lacks the ability to lead this country due to her gender. My advice to her is to ignore those people and find a way to change the direction of this country whether she gets nominated or not. She will attract others that wish to do the same.

It is time for the Democratic party to focus on what they do want instead of what they don’t want or Mr. McCain may show how strong his intent really is.

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