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“I’m a leaf on a windy day
Pretty soon I’ll be blown away
How long will the wind blow?” -“Til I Die” -The Beach Boys

If you or someone you love are grieving the loss of a loved one, this event may help.

Author A.P. Morris will be attending with copies of They’re Not Gone, a collection of stories that provide detailed accounts of 13 people who, through Psychic Medium Ricky Wood, reconnected with a loved one they lost. With names, phrases, mannerisms, and much more, Ricky delivers irrefutable evidence that our spirits are still very much alive after our physical death.

There will be numerous activities and resources available to assist you with your grieving process…

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‎”The road to abundance is a happy one. If you’re not laughing pull the hell over…” -RW

Many years ago I was sitting in the back of a Greyhound bus on my way to Richmond, Virginia, to visit a friend.  At that point in my life, I was jobless as well as careless and felt that I’d pretty much lost everything.  All I had at that point was a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s book “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  While reading the book I started to realize my thoughts were negative, needy and unfocused.  Most days they were, “Why isn’t this happening for me” or “I don’t have enough” and “Why does everybody else have more?”  My driver’s license said Rick, but it should have said VICTIM. It was everybody else’s fault.  It was my location.  It was my girlfriend.  It was my job.  It was my boss.  It was my cat (I’m so glad I got rid of that cat).  Reading the book helped me to see that my thoughts were the foundation of my life.  If my life sucked it was because I fundamentally believed it did.  If I said to myself, “I’m never going to find the right person,” that’s exactly what would happen.  Why am I always so bored?

The next day my car broke down.  I thought I was acknowledging reality, but it never occurred to me that I was creating that reality.  Slowly I started to turn my thoughts to ones of aspiration, abundance and joy.  As corny as this may sound I had to learn that happiness is the soil of any abundance garden and that I had to be happy before I could grow abundance, prosperity and joy. Not to mention it put me in a much better  mood.  Another lesson I had to learn was to allow others in my life to be as unhappy and nasty as they needed to be.  I didn’t have to participate with that bad behavior.  That didn’t mean I woke up in a good mood all of the time or that I didn’t ever get angry at myself.  But I committed to memory that in that moment maybe I needed to listen to a great song or watch a funny Youtube clip.  Whatever it would take to turn my attitude around is what I did.  Doing it on my own wasn’t going to work either. 

I decided to surround myself with people I wanted to emulate and that were happy with their lives.  Then I’d quite simply ask them how they did it.  People that are experiencing joy and abundance are usually very happy to share their story with you!  Many of them taught me to focus on how to do something instead of finding ways not to. My words had real power.  I have never forgotten that.   My old vocabulary consisted of words like can’t, don’t know and scared.  I have new words.  Will, show me the way and passion.

The true power of positive thinking has brought me to a place that, at one time, I thought I’d never get to.   G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E.  I am now grateful for it all – my mistakes, financial woes, and everything that brought me to this point.

From gratitude grows passion and with passion you can do ANYTHING!

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Healing. Energy. Hands. So many seek touch. We all need it. Then there are those who provide the type that heals. Julie Tereszcuk loves to provide that energy. She does by using  “Seimei” .

There are different types of “touch” healing modalities. Reiki being  the most common. Both have a Japanese origin. There is a subtle but important difference.

When doing Reiki, the practitioner is channeling universal energy into the charka to bring about balance. Seimei is the life force. Seimei practitioners connect to others vital life force and enhances it especially where it is stagnant.

Julie suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections throughout her childhood and into her adult life. Believing that this was ‘just the way it was,’ she tried to make the best of it and keep her health issues in check by taking five daily medications as well as receiving frequent rounds of antibiotics.

One day, Julie came across a Seimei demonstration and decided to give it a try — thinking what could it hurt? Amazed by the immediate relief from pain she experienced, Julie continued to receive regular sessions to address her chronic conditions.

Miraculously, Julie has only used antibiotics once in the last two years, and she no longer needs most of her daily medications. Today, Julie is healthier than she has been her entire life!

I asked Julie Tereszcuk why she wanted to practice seimei..

Seimei for me is a way of life. It gives me my greatest pleasure to help others feel better. From the time I was young I had always said that I wanted to be a nurse. This really did not make any kind of sense to me because I hate needles and blood, these things make me crawl out of my skin.  Then I was introduced to Seimei. After my first demo I knew this was why I was put on this earth.  I traveled to Japan to learn and attend classes with senior Seimei  directors. It changed my entire outlook on healing . For me my experience with Seimei is that of quantum leaps. Learning exponentially every time I use it.

Feel Free to Contact Julie to discuss your specific needs at 908-635-3836 or seimeijuls@aim.com.

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My luck was so bad
I thought I used up all the luck I had
(Luck I had)
Every time I thought I’d get it on
Someone put me on
There’s been a change

Beautiful and strange
My life’s gone through a changefox-news-graphic-thumb
Somehow I know
(Somehow I know)
Bad luck’s in the past
All good things here at last
So now we’ll grow
(Now we’ll grow)
There’s been a change

Mmm, bad luck no more
No bad luck no more
No bad luck no more
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
There ain’t no blues (no bad luck no more)msnbc-1
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
(No bad luck no more)
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
There ain’t no blues (no bad luck no more)
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
(No bad luck no more)
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
There ain’t no blues (no bad luck no more)
I got news for you (no bad luck no more)
(No bad luck no more)

Listen to the voices loud and clear
Come on folks, withstand your fear
Celebrate the joys, it’s yours to choose
Celebrate the news (ooh, come on)
There ain’t no blues (ooh, come on)

“Celebrate the News”- The Beach Boys

With today’s technology I find it easier and easier to find views similar to my own. Whether it be politics or music whatever I like, whatever my view, whatever my position I can find the group to support it. But is that where the wisdom is? If  I always surround myself with those who always support my views exactly, will I ever learn anything. Will I ever be challenged?

I don’t view myself as a conservative or a liberal. I’m somewhere in the middle. I feel as if there is more room for negotiation in the center. But lately, it seems like a lonely place. Is there room for pieces from both sides? Do I have to be right to be happy?

I just saw this clip, “Our Critics Keep Us Honest” on YouTube from a young Pastor named Andy Pliskin. Without a doubt this guy has a great take on this subject. Andy, thanks for the time you took to examine this and keep up the good “works”.

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fox__friendsI spend a lot of time watching the news. Probably too much. I watch CNN,MSNBC,and FOX. Lately my opinion about FOX has changed. When I first began to watch I was impressed by the coverage of the troops during the war and rallied behind their support for the soldiers and their families. Being more of a independent, I understood the importance of having a network that would cover the more conservative slant of the election.

But now, I’m not so sure. With the addition of Glenn Beck and the hiatus of Alan Colmes , things aren’t so” fair and balanced”. There seems to be a lot of fear being broadcasted. That somehow all of us are about lose everything. At some point shouldn’t we be focused on what we want instead of what we don’t want?

Some of you may love the following article and some of you may hate it. I do think that Deepak Chopra’s blogpost gives us pause to think and that is important. Tell the world what you think. Its important ……

From Deepak Chopra.com-

It’s mysterious how swiftly a society can collectively change its mind. As rapidly as the financial markets crashed, so has Fox News’s credibility. What was gospel to an entire segment of voters and viewers just a few months ago has become a desperate flapping in the wind. Some may view this as part of the swing cycle that politics is heir to. But from the Reagan era forward, certain truths were held to be self-evident, and far from inventing anything, Fox News simply put the high gloss of mass media on them.

If you tune in to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, or the network’s humbler toilers in the vineyard, their tactics haven’t changed. They must be shocked to find themselves stranded, all the more because it seemed to happen overnight.

In the spirit of Emerson’s dictum that evil is the absence of good, it’s worth recalling where good was absent just a year ago. Here are the working beliefs of the Fox News credo.deepak

Article 1: The worst aspects of human nature are actually cherished freedoms.
This is Fox News’s main rallying cry. Hating minorities, despising gays, ridiculing women’s rights, and slandering the ACLU all fall under the rubric of precious liberties.

Article 2: God loves gun owners.
Fox News rabidly seizes the high ground when it comes to law and order, an issue that is seen primarily as a loaded gun under every pillow and a triple-bolted front door.

Article 3: Patriotism is the last refuge of ratings wars.
Here the old axiom that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels has been updated (but by no means abandoned). Every Fox News commentator earns his battle scars by wrapping himself in the bloody flag, without ever personally endangering his own skin, of course.

Article 4: Ideology is way better than thinking.
Pre-chewed ideas are more easily digested than actual thinking. But ideology goes one better by answering every doubt in advance. Thus Fox News is never in doubt. Truth is as automatic as a gum ball machine.

Article 5: The mind’s primary use is for bellowing.
I advise any prospective guest on Fox News to demand that there be no shouting. This immediately decouples the mind of O’Reilly and Hannity. Their most basic assumption is that any guest, once shouted down, has lost the debate. (I tested this gambit out personally and can vouch for its effectiveness.)

Article 6: Shamelessness is next to godliness.
In other words, you can sin at leisure as long as you keep pointing out other people’s sins. Long a tactic enshrined in the Book of Hypocrisy, Fox News has turned holier-than-thou into a moneymaker.

Article 7: Don’t bother me with the facts. My mind is already closed.
This is really just a corollary to the belief in ideology, but it deserves its own chapter and verse because of the ironical light it casts on the Fox News logo, “Fair and balanced.”

Article 8: The little guy is always mad.
On the whole, Fox News tries to make the little guy feel that he is always right and those pointy-headed educated elitists always wrong. But sometimes the little guy proves tricky, as when he doesn’t like Republican deficits and foreign wars. Luckily, Fox News always has a fallback — the little guy is always blistered about something, and a little kerosene is a marvelous accelerant, as they say in arson investigations.

Article 9: “They” are about to get you — watch out!
The bulk of Fox News’s sanctimony rests on its pledge to look out for everyday working Joes. Since there is no record of the network actually protecting something realistic like clean air, freedom from assault weapons, and safety in the workplace, what is really being safeguarded is the right to be freaking paranoid every minute of the day.

Article 10: If I just said it, it must be right.
Here, as in several other places, Fox News is indistinguishable from a drunken frat party where not only is bellowing a sign of intelligence, but never backing down, however cockeyed your last statement may be, shows that you are a man.

I am not a communicant in this particular creed, so I’m sure I’ve left out some key passages in the gospel. For full knowledge one would have to delve deep into the Old Testament of Fox News (i.e., the minutes of the John Birch Society 1958-date). Daily viewing will keep one abreast of new anathemas (i.e., socialism) and potential saviors (Sarah Palin). Or you could take the easy way out and celebrate the waning of Fox News’s belief system and the cleaner air left behind.

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n1154225831_3406Amy Butler wrote an eye-opening post on the Devil and being Spiritual. She is definitely on to something…Fear is truly the enemy. How often has fear been my “devil”?

Thanks Amy you’ve given us much to talk and think about…

Thanks Amy for allowing me to pilfer your article

So.. although I would consider myself a very spiritual person… I’ve never been religious.

I was baptized in two different christian religions and made to attend church as a child – which was good.  I learned the bible teachings, different religious philosophies, and the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects of religion. (which is a whole other post)

In a nutshell, I think religion can be a ‘good’ thing offering people peace, fellowship, and purpose.  But, for me, the ‘bad’ fear-based teachings that you must be ‘a good person’ or you will find yourself face to face with the DEVIL when you die was always a problem for me.mephistolover

Even as a young child it seemed backwards to teach love and acceptance for fear of hell.  Just never resonated with me.

So I chose as an adult to read about other religions and find what spirituality meant to me without participating in religion.  I found that unconditional love, acceptance, and non-judgment were the basics that made the most sense.  They feel good and right to me.

For me, I do believe that I have an obligation (mostly to myself and my evolvement) to strive to be a ‘good’ person.

Honesty, loyalty, unconditional acceptance, love, kindness, and giving are all words that I would hope one day would be words that those who knew me would use to describe who I was.

All of this I feel is important because of who I want to be not what I fear will happen to me if I do not.

I do not believe there is a separate entity named the ‘Devil’  although i do think the pain we may cause ourselves and others through unkind acts could be dark and painful, which could describe the despair we may feel.

I receive a daily email from Abraham-Hicks Publications.  They are excerpts from their teachings.  I was moved to share this as it seemed to sum up my underlying disbelief in a devil.

The “devil” is a fictional character made up (and perpetuated) by insecure humans who want to control other insecure humans. There’s a lot of power in fear, isn’t there? There shouldn’t be, because, really, what fear is, is power-less. If you understood Source, as we do, you would never fashion such fiction because there is only Well-Being that flows from that which is your Source.

Excerpted from the workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, March 6th, 2004

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

I found this very powerful.

I also was moved to look at fear as something that i do to myself to take my own power away.

Wow…. it takes one sentence to change a perspective.  It can be said a hundred different ways but maybe only one really makes it clear.  Writing is a beautiful thing.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

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2-susan-boyle-2009I watched this clip in the AM after my accountant “Facebooked” me the link. I was floored. Thank you Susan Boyle. You have shown me that  you should never,ever give up on your dreams! You are never too old and the naysayers should “piss off”!

American Idol has never had this energy. Its the first time I’ve seen Simon speechless!

If today you feel like your dreams aren’t worth it, stop breathe and watch this video. Watch it ten times if you have too.


Then get back to your dream. Get back to believing in miracles. Get back to believing in you.

“God Save the Queen”

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